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year 2000

Leo, Pep, and Jim Osmanollaj

Three brothers from war-torn Kosovo, arrive in America, seeking a better future.


The brothers fulfill their dreams

...of entrepreneurship and open their first restaurant, 'Haveaburger' in Havertown, Pennsylvania. Serving delicious, handcrafted burgers, Haveaburger quickly becomes a local favorite.


they decide to expand their culinary ventures

They open their first mini-chain, 'm2o Burgers & Salads' in Philadelphia. The restaurant offers a wide range of made-to-order burgers and fresh, healthy salads, garnering praise from both locals and visitors.


Embracing their Albanian heritage

Desiring to reconnect with their roots, the brothers along with chef Rich Dobies introduce 'Toska Restaurant & Brewery' to the Philadelphia dining scene. Combining their love for food and craft beer. At Toska, the team craft wood-fired pizzas and a variety of dishes all complemented by their own handcrafted beers. Toska has distinctive flavors, warm ambiance, and the brothers' dedication to preserving their Albanian heritage in Philadelphia, PA.

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